Alexandra Devint


Pale skin, Blonde Hair
Red / Blue eyes

Age: 25
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 130 lb

Alexandra Devint had a relatively ordinary upbringing. Her foster parents never told her of the odd circumstances surrounding her arrival in their life. They had been awakened one night by the smell of smoke. Fearing that the surrounding forest had been set ablaze, they rushed outside, only to find a crying toddler surrounded by a ghastly ring of green fire.

Her parents were simple, kind farmers, and her early life was much the same as any other human’s, except for the occasional snide comment about her eyes. Alexandra was always a popular child, people seemed to be unnaturally drawn to her side. Her parents simply shrugged this off as a result of her beauty.

Despite, or perhaps due to, the attention she received, people annoyed Alexandra more often than not. As a teenager, she developed a cruel streak of seeing what absurd lengths people would do for her approval. This, and an unnatural attraction to fire quickly earned her a reputation as a social outcast.

As she grew older, Alexandra began to have a particular recurring nightmare. The specifics of the dream changed from night to night, but it always ended with the same woman shrieking in laughter as her body is enveloped by flames. While the dreams were slightly worrisome, the more disturbing occurrence was the voice she began to hear in the waking world. It beckoned to her, promised that it would grant her heart’s desires.

Eventually, she struck out on her own, determined to find a solution to her ailments. She encountered a strange man on her journeys, Professor Lorrimor. In a single glance he explained her life’s greatest mysteries. She was actually a changeling, not a human. The voice she had been hearing was her true mother’s call. It was as if a veil had been lifted from her eyes.

For a time, they traveled together. Alexandra was fascinated by her heritage, and the two spent many hours simply talking. One fateful day, she arrived at his lodging, only to hear him cry in pain. A local group of thieves had taken an interest in his more esoteric belongings. She struggled, but was thrown to the floor alongside Lorrimor. With a knife pressed up against her throat, all seemed lost, until her captors’ bodies were enveloped in green flame.

Terrified, Alexandra ran. She ran and she ran, until her lungs burned and her legs collapsed under her. She spent the following years wandering the countryside on a journey of self discovery.

Alexandra Devint

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